Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank you

I am happy that the information I have put in here is useful to all and am amazed by the mails/comments I am getting. Thanks to all for reading the info. Please go through the comments for more info on safari and frh (forest rest house).
And if you have more queries, plz post in them as comments. I will definitely reply!


ashish said...

thanks for information provided by you , we r planning to visit corbett park from 11-11-07 to 13-11-07 , in that period we can visit forest area or we have to visit from 15-11-07 please reply me early if possible at thanking you - ashish mehta

ashish said...

thanks for ur information about corbett park , we r planning to visit corbett park on 11-11-07 , is it good time or we shall visit after 15-11-07 , we have accomodation at resort. please reply me at thanks . - ashish mehta

Sweta said...

Hi Ashish,
The time frame you are saying is also fine. One thing you need to check whether the Dhikala zone is open for visitors. According to the information I have, it opens after 15 Nov. Other zones like Bijrani are open after 15 Oct.
So, I would advise you to visit after/on 15 Nov so that you can also visit Dhikala.
Call here to confirm that Dhikala will not be open on 11 Nov -> 05947-251489, 251376, 251012

Anonymous said...

Hi sweta,
I have already planned to visit Corbett from 23-12-07 to 25-12-07.Since I am travelling with my family with 2 kids below 9 years i have already booked the hotel( corbet treff). I do not know any thing about the place. If U can take some time and guide me from start to end i will be obliged.I am fying from pune to delhi and from delhi to Ram Nagar by train and reaching on 23rd morning at 5 AM. Then what to do??? Pls.send yr mail to


Sweta said...

hi Biswajit,
After reaching ramnagar, first thing is go to the Ramnagar tourist center from where you will get the permission/ticket to enter Dhikala. It wud hav been gr8 if u had stayed inside Dhikala forest. See if you can get a chance to stay inside Dhikala. The forest lodges inside the forest are maintained by the government. and if you are lucky, u might get a chance to stay inside. and the advantage is you get to wake up early and see the animals around ur lodge.
but in case u dont, not to worry. get your tickets done to enter Dhikala. Hire an open Gypsy for Dhikala and Bijrani both, so that u get at a decent price. They will charge around 2500 for the two days trip inside Dhikala and Bijrani. The guides are compulsory.
Also, download the pamplet i have uploaded on the site to get an idea of the timings of the forest and the charges.

Take winter wear with you and be prepared to face low temperature like 4-5deg.

Be patient while seeing around. Enjoy the forest. And yes, dont just wish to catch a glimse of the tiger :). be patient and u will get to see many more!
let me know if u need any other info. have written most of the info on the site.

Sisyphus said...

Hi Sweta,

We are going to visit Corbett in the last week of December and was in desperate need for some information. Your blog has provided me with almost everything that I needed to know. After speaking over the phone, I have already faxed a request for lodging at Dhikala tourist complex to Dy. Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve and awaiting his confirmation.

I will send you a boquet once we get back from our trip..!!!!

Thanks and warm regards,


vashek said...

Hello Sweta,
thank you for this blog, it has better information than a costly book. I am planning to visit the park from December 19 to December 21 (approximately). I didn't find one key information here: is there a way to reserve the FRH lodging in advance, without actually being in India? I have found some companies that are selling some "packages", but I would rather get the reservation straight from the park if possible.
Thanks a lot!

Sweta said...

Hi Vashek,
Heres the info. You can call the reservation office of the Corbett national park and they will definitely guide you how to do it. I think, they ask you to fax the requirement and deposit the reservation money to their bank account and then again fax the proof that you have deposited the money.
The reservation can be done from three places – Dehradoon, New Delhi and Ramnagar itself.
The address and phone numbers are –
Reservation office
Chief Wildlife Warden, Uttarakhand
Near Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
Ph – 0135 – 2644691
Uttarakhand tourism
Barakhamba road,
Indraprakash building
New Delhi,
Ph – 011 – 23319835
Dy. Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve
Ramnagar – 244715
Ph – 05947-251489, 251376, 251012

Virag Sharma said...

Thanks for above info and phone Nos.

Bluewhale said...

Hi Sweta,
Me and one of my friend from my B-school are planning to go to Corbett this winter and I must say that you gave the exact kind of info we were looking for. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweta for information and contact details.

Amit Sharma

Shailesh said...

Hi Sweta,
Firstly kudos for putting together a wonderful piece of info. Was wondering if u can help me with some info. We are planning a visit to Corbett early next year. The itinerary has a 3 day/2 night stay in Dhikala FRH with 2 safaris each day. The tour operator has told us it will be triple sharing with attached facilities.Are they huts or proper rooms? The other 2 days are at Ramnagar with safaris to other areas of the reserve, again 2 per day. The Delhi to Delhi package is priced at 12k. With the tariffs that you have put up, this package looks a bit too steep to me. What's ur take with all the info above?

manu said...

hey u seem to be quite an expert on offence meant......i ahve been going there since the last 15 yrs and have attended abt 7 tiger census...if u want any feed back kinly let me know

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Shantonu said...

can u book the jeep, canter and elephant safari beforehand from Delhi. I plan to visit after june 15th, so i will miss the dhikala zone, but can i book the other zones before hand or do i have to go to ramnagar personally to get the safari bookings, i am interested in the jeep and elephant safari, maybe canter in place of jeep if jeep is steep, i wil be staying there for 3 days, 1st day i will rch by lunch time, how do i plan the sightseeing