Saturday, April 14, 2007

My trip to Corbett National Park India


Sagar Bhanagay said...

That's fantastic! Hope to visit this 'Land of Rudyard Kipling' some day :)


neeraj said...

reading ur blog has really filled us with lots n lots of excitement n thrill..ur journey to corbett sounds real exciting..specially when u r with ur old college friends...
getting inspired by u..we too r planning a trip there in early december with our college friends...:)
...can u gv me some idea abt the weather that we r families with kids and also if the accomodation in dikhala(i.e. dikhala forest lodge..which we r looking for) is decent enough to stay with kids..

kk said...


i am planning to visit corbett in the first week of march.Is this the right time to go there in terms of best time to see a tiger.

and one more thing how can i book a place for 10 people and which type of accomodation is suitable in the mentioned types.
the charges specified do not tell you how many people can be accomodated.please provide a budget option.

how can i book these as i am from mumbai and will be coming there for the first time.

which is best zone out of the three you specified to sight a tiger
Eagerly waiting for your reply
you can mail me at

Ravi Goenka said...

Hi Sweta, although your blog is a bit old now, 4 yrs, still it makes great reading and I'm sure nothing much would have changed there. I'd much appreciate if you could give me some contacts that you might have made there, particularly the Jeep Drivers or Elephant wallas...I'd like to get in touch with them directly rather than through Hotels. I'm visiting Corbett in December with family. Cheers..Ravi Goenka, Jaipur

Sweta said...

Hi Ravi,
Contact Kostubh Pandey directly at 09837092025 or at 05947253022. He will help with bookings.